Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Buzz and other Random Shite.

*Boredom has forced me to keep with my previous style. Now I just have to remember to keep this updated. :D *

Calculating Pi - How to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs?

Abandoning OpenSUSE - Mark Shuttleworth ( creator of Ubuntu ) is pleading developers to drop support of OpenSUSE since the most recent Novell / Microsoft partnership

Wii VS PS3 - The Wii has well outsold the PS3... but can Nintendo keep it up. I would think so, due to the recent battery recalls that Sony is involved in. Also, check out this article on Digg

Good Movies? - 10 Films the US Governement doesn't want you to see. :D

Diary of a Scalper - An interesting bit from Wired... check it out.

Worst Superhero Names - That's right. All in tribute to Marvel : Ultimate Alliance

iPod VS Zune - Sorry Bill... you didn't get the jump on this portion of the Market. The iPod is far too well-rooted to be displaced at this point. :D . That, and the Zune is currently being outsold by Sandisk MP3 players... LOL

Hard Drive History - The reason I don't worry about upgrading... until they make a better, faster, cheaper hard drive... everything's bottlenecked.

Lego and your Imagination - Yeah, I remember back in the 80's... when a kid needed imagination. Who'd have thunk it. In case you're wondering... it's an article on how Lego's are made... and how low a failure rate they have in the manufacturing process.

That's all for today, eh. I'll try to keep it up this time around. :D

Saturday, November 25, 2006

So Yeah?

Hello Folks.

I just realized that I'm far too lazy to maintain this site on a regular basis.
My own laziness has gotten the best of me.

Just wanted some input on what you think the main page could be better used for, or if y'all liked the news ( I know... it bored the hell out of me too )

Drop a comment here. Lemme know.
If not, I'll fugure out something soon enough.