Friday, December 22, 2006

Back to : The Buzz

Harry Potter 7? - Does it ever end? Like, really...

Wii Woes - Wii's delightfully defective hand straps on the controllers have landed them in a heap of trouble.

iPod-Killer down the Drain - Zune / Windows Vista compatibility issues will cause a major hiccup in holiday sales. Not a good start, I think.

Transformer's Movie Trailer - Children of the 80's, unite. Long anticipated movie trailer has arrived. Can't wait to see the real thing though. Sweetness. :D

Reading a Binary Clock - A wonderful How to... on how to read a binary clock. Every geek needs one.

Whoa, that isn't a carry-on - Woman mistakenly puts her baby through an Airport X-ray machine. Not a good idea.

Nothing else too major for today folks.
Have a good one. Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Buzz and other Random Shite.

*Boredom has forced me to keep with my previous style. Now I just have to remember to keep this updated. :D *

Calculating Pi - How to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs?

Abandoning OpenSUSE - Mark Shuttleworth ( creator of Ubuntu ) is pleading developers to drop support of OpenSUSE since the most recent Novell / Microsoft partnership

Wii VS PS3 - The Wii has well outsold the PS3... but can Nintendo keep it up. I would think so, due to the recent battery recalls that Sony is involved in. Also, check out this article on Digg

Good Movies? - 10 Films the US Governement doesn't want you to see. :D

Diary of a Scalper - An interesting bit from Wired... check it out.

Worst Superhero Names - That's right. All in tribute to Marvel : Ultimate Alliance

iPod VS Zune - Sorry Bill... you didn't get the jump on this portion of the Market. The iPod is far too well-rooted to be displaced at this point. :D . That, and the Zune is currently being outsold by Sandisk MP3 players... LOL

Hard Drive History - The reason I don't worry about upgrading... until they make a better, faster, cheaper hard drive... everything's bottlenecked.

Lego and your Imagination - Yeah, I remember back in the 80's... when a kid needed imagination. Who'd have thunk it. In case you're wondering... it's an article on how Lego's are made... and how low a failure rate they have in the manufacturing process.

That's all for today, eh. I'll try to keep it up this time around. :D

Saturday, November 25, 2006

So Yeah?

Hello Folks.

I just realized that I'm far too lazy to maintain this site on a regular basis.
My own laziness has gotten the best of me.

Just wanted some input on what you think the main page could be better used for, or if y'all liked the news ( I know... it bored the hell out of me too )

Drop a comment here. Lemme know.
If not, I'll fugure out something soon enough.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Weekly Buzz ( late again! )

Sorry about the delay's in getting this shite online people... my life has been consumed by the awesomeness that is NETHACK. Then they told me I shouldn't be playing it at work. So I toyed with the idea of bringing in my 386 laptop so that I could... but then people would realize just how crazy I am.
Anyways, enough of my rant... here's some fun stuff in Tech news this week.

Starting off... Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote was yesterday... check out the new Toys from Apple. His speech seems to have gotten some poor reviews though. More information on the Keynote here

Giant Robot Fighting! - Time to go open source, people. An automated parking garage trapped several hundred cars inside for several days. All over a licensing issue.

Flash turns 10 - Flash has now celebrated it's tenth anniversary

The Internet's Red Light District - This is so great... except for having to pay for it. How crazy is that?

AOL on Trial - Releasing it's user search logs? Tsk, tsk. I can remember when AOL was only good for supplying beer coasters

Mars Rover VS. Winter
- The Winter Solstice VS the Mars Rover. And it seems to be faring well

Leopard VS Vista - Hopefully in a fight to the death!

That's all for today folks. No more Nethack for me. Guess I should get back to work though. :D

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

Back again, with some of the most interesting news in Tech this week

High Tech Trash
- Here's a little bit of a twisted view on high tech recycling. And all the dangers of your old PC / tech trash in a local landfill. Lots of eye-opening facts here.

Global Warming
- The Earth is heating up at an unprecedented rate. A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences shows that it's time to change our ways.

Toshiba on the Market - The first big jump in home media tech since the VCR and the TIVO. Toshiba is coming out with an HD-DVD Recorder... to be released next month. Can't wait to see the reviews.

BloggerCon - A whole convention about the wonderful world of Blogging. Wish I had been there.

SuperNova / Web 2.0
- The latest on the fast paced evolution of the Internet. The review on SuperNova, a 3 day conference based out of San Francisco.

Modest Mission : Internet Archiving - Brewster Kahle's mission to archive the Internet has now expanded. I guess archiving the whole internet just wasn't enough for him.

DSL : Size on the Rise - The Latest review on Damn Small Linux... not so small as it should be, but still the best in the MicroLinux field.

FreeNode Hijacked
- One of the largest IRC networks was hi-jacked, and who knows how many passwords had been captured. That's a scary thought.

Google Toolbar on the Move
- Supposedly, Google is paying a sweet sum to Adobe to have the Google Toolbar bundled with the latest Adobe Apps.

That's all for today folks.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Great Week in Tech News

The Man Behind the Monster - Going from cheap ass B movies to working for Industrial Light and Magic. How's that for a career jump. The life story of Dennis Muren.

Apple Investigates Chinese Labour Issues - As if everyone couldn't see this coming... it's well known that almost any chinese based company is little more than a slave labour camp, so why should the Foxconn plant in Taiwan be any different?

Microsoft VS Apple iPod
- It just ain't gonna happen folks. As a proud ipod owner, it's the best that there is out there. Microsoft might be a marketing powerhouse, but I don't think they can beat down the iPod.

Another use for Dry Ice - Scientists have discovered that by compressing Dry Ice ( solid carbon dioxide ) they can make a Super Hard Glass coating. Who'd have thunk it?

SkyNet is coming - Police are working on unmanned flying drone testing over Los Angeles. Good idea, but does SkySeer = SkyNet?

Bill Gates is Microsoft no more?
- News to me, it seems as if Bill Gates has a heart. He will be slowly transitioning out of Microsoft to continue work in the Health and Education sector by working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Buzz on Tech this week

More Tech News than you can shake a stick at

An offshoot of SETI@Home
Except this time it's not to search for Extraterrestrial life, it's to help find a cure for cancer. How sweet is that?

Asia beating the US in Theme Parks?
Yet another thing that the Asian Pacific group is defeating the US in. Big surprise there.

Body Mod Sixth Sense I need me some of these. Sensing electromagnetic fields... sounds like it could save me from a shock or two.

Nothing else that interests me in the news this week... how about you?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

I know I am a little late posting this... but hey, it's some good shit, eh.

Microsoft VS South Korea - Once again, another update on how Microsoft ( featuring the tyrannical Bill Gates at it's head ) is fighting yet another anti-trust lawsuit

Upward and Onward - More dead formats out there in the world of technology than you can shake a stick at. Oh, the memories.

Dual Card Graphics - This one if for all you die hard gamers out there... the advantages of a dual video card system... something that us poor technobos can't seem to afford

Pay as You Go Computers?
- Yet another great new idea to sell advanced technology to third world countries... Pay as You Go computers... what a wonderful idea!

Microsoft no threat to Webroot - Webroot success in the anti-spyware field probably has them sweating a little with the new Microsoft Antispyware out and about. Change is afoot for Webroot, that's for sure

More X64 Nightmares? - While it might be wonderful hardware to play around with... the software just isn't there to back it up. Don't really see the point of this yet, but the software will catch up in time.

University Network Security - This one hits a major sore spot of mine, having previously worked for a major canadian university. The security has little to do with the hardware, it more often has to do with poorly constructed web sites / scripts that open up massive backdoors.

That's all for today folks... have a good one.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekly Buzz : Once Again

Apple's View on Recycling - There are apparently more than a few people out there that think Apple needs to improve on it's recycling program.

Telephone Tech Support The Joys of it all. This is something that hits pretty close to home for all of us that make a living doing telephone tech support.

Every Hackers Idol
He infiltrated almost every secure network in the greater US... and to find out if Aliens exist. How's that for fun?

160 AA Batteries A glider that takes 160 AA batteries to run off of. I wonder if they are rechargable?

Internet Explorer Woes IE 7 is being rolled out, and Google is crying foul... big surprise there... :D

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
The persuasive powers of caffeine... unveiled at last. :D

Nothing much beyond that for today...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Once again : The Weekly Buzz

Driving Stupid? Who would have thought... driving stupid causes accidents

Wi-Fi City The first ever city with free wireless access seems to be having some issues... but what system doesn't in the beginning.

RFID in Agriculture - Now the great new idea is to tag every animal in the US... a little late for that, I think.

Verizon's New Feature - Some new Spam Filtering software with Verizon... sounds like a Microsoft Feature to me.

17" MacBook Pro Another plus for Mac enthusiasts... the newest in the Lineup of Intel Macs... even faster than the PowerBook G4. :D

The Dig on Digg seems to be at the center of contraversy lately... fun stuff there. :D

Not too much this Monday Folks...


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

Yet another installment of the better tech news on the Web.

Boot Camp Walkthrough One good piece of news on the Boot Camp Beta... how to install XP on your Mac.

MySpace Perp Problem or is it a perv problem? Another in a series of news items about MySpace. You might want to check this out too - MySpaceWatch

Oracle VS Novell Oracle is out to compete with Novell in the Linux market. With how Suse is embedded into the workstation market, I don't see much chance of that.

Windows AntiSpyWare Beta 2 The newest revision to Microsoft's AntiSpyware Beta. One of the few Microsoft products that does seem to work.

Child Internet Safety Being a parent myself, this is something I am a firm believer in, and something I always keep an eye on with my own kids.

You VS Your Pet Hamster? The next level of VR gaming... where your pet gets to match wits with you.

Communist Mario A Flash game based around the concept that Mario is actually a communist... that's right, that fun loving little plumber is a piece of communist propaganda.

That's all for today folks...
Have a good one,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More of : The Weekly Buzz

Sorry about the recent delays in posting folks... I've been a little busy myself, plus there hasn't been much that's interesting in the news lately. Here are some items of note as of late.

The MySpace Economy Myspace has created it's own economy, that's how big it is. Spin-off companies, selling for countless dollars each. What is the world coming to?

Manipulating the Media
A pair of bright individuals have decided that it would be funny to start manipulating the media. I agree it is funny.

Save Upstate New York The battle over wind power in upstate New York... why bother?

Why I love IBM
Integrated processor level hardware encryption... can it get any better

Music or Hell This is pretty funny... Robert Raves... lol

Wal-Mart's Influence How Walmart influences the modern gaming world.

Linux VS the DRM Movement RealNetworks has been making some threatening moves against Linux concerning the current DRM movement.

Boot Camp Misunderstanding People already misunderstanding the true reason behind the marketing of Boot Camp... Apple's latest venture into the world of the Boot Loader.

Novell still Running Windows Bad news for all my good friends at Novell... they're still running Windows? How sad is that.

That's all for today,

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

XP On a Mac - Approved by Apple

Apple Computer has released the BootCamp Public Beta, a nice little piece of software that will allow you to run Windows XP natively on a Mac... all of this after the greatest contest in the world has wrapped up.... XP on a Mac. I think the grand prize was somewhere around $14000... and after all this, Apple makes their own boot loader.

Also, something else of great interest to me... The OSX86Project - my main objective... not to be tied down to Apple's proprietary hardware. As much as I like it... I am a cheapskate. Cheap hardware + mac os x... sounds like a plan. Unix will always be my friend.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More of : The (Semi)Daily Buzz

Yet another installment of News that matters to no one... Starting off:

Bladder Control The first person in the world how now received an engineered bladder... grown from their own cell tissues.

Remote Sports Fewer and fewer sports fans are actually going out to see their favorite sports. How will the industry cope?

Women in Technology My god... the nerds might get relief from this sausage fest that is working in Tech Support

$100 Laptops
How we all need one of these... an update on the One Laptop per Child project.

Mind Reading The boys at MIT have rolled out another ingenius device. Electronic Mind Reading, how's that for sweet?

Jesus walking on water Or was it just Ice?

Ethical Hackers? and people would pay money to learn this stuff? Man, life is certainly strange these days.

Unisys Burning out at LinuxWorld There was Fire, there was Smoke, there was Unisys burning up in anticipation.

Rootkits / Trojans... can we recover? The newest rootkits and trojans are so extensively engineered that sometimes it isn't possible to recover. Here's what MicroSoft had to say about it.

That's all for today folks. Check back in a few. I am thinking I will make this a twice weekly kind of thing.

Monday, March 27, 2006

More of : The Daily Buzz

Here we go people, more in the world of Technology

Bad Bad Stick People - Third in the Hapland series... need I say more?

Sandisk and U3 - The newest Cruzer's in Sandisk's line are shipping without U3 support, something previously promised by Sandisk.

The Palm, Ten Years Later - A retro/tech flashback... when Palm suddenly jumped into existence.

LucasArts + ILM - Every nerd's dream... oh yeah... better graphics, better CGI for all!

Technology Imitates Life - Scientists have achieved a Simulation of a Life Form.

That's everything of interest so far today... another quiet monday.
Who needs an ipod... buy an Nano knockoff!

Have a good one people,

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Site Changes

You might notice that my contact phone number has been removed from the site... I will post the proper one when I have a chance.

Skimmed through the news for today, nothing of any real interest as far as I can see... most of my news sources don't post on the weekend... check back late in the day Monday for some more of The Daily Buzz.

Keeping you posted,

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Once More : The Daily Buzz

So, what's happening today in the world of Technology... Let's check it out

France VS Apple The French are on the offensive against Apple, and it's iPod media player. Might actually cause the close of the iTunes Music Store in France.

Windows Vista Delayed Windows Vista's new release date is set for January '07, right after the holiday sales season... not good for any of the computer manufacturers.

Nintendo's Comeback?
With the pending release of the Playstation 3, and the already released Xbox 360, can Nintendo compete?

The Fastest Windows XP Laptop
Benchmarks have revealed that the MacBook Pro is currently performing better than any Dual Core Laptop on the Market.

Samba Updated It's taken long enough, but now there is finally an update to Samba. Not quite stable yet, but it's getting there.

What Manufacturers keep to themselves
There are lots of things in the businees world that manufacturers want to keep secret. Here are the top 20, including some good information on extended warranties.

Red Green was right
Most people thought he was crazy, but Duct Tape has been one of the most widely used "tools" of just about anyone, from Handyman to Model.

That's it for today,

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More of : The Daily Buzz

Some more news items of interest in the world of technology

Newest Intel Chips
- Intel now seems to be increasing processor performance by leaps and bounds... can't wait to see the benchmarks on this new set... but if I do, then I might want one.

Sony DRM - Digital Holes - Sony is now having even more issues in the wake of the rootkit scandal. This time, is seems it will cause a delay in the shipping of the PS3. Not good for gamers anywhere.

More ATI Advancements - My most beloved of video card companies has released yet another innovation. A brand new water cooled video card... now that's ingenious.

Video Game Therapy
- One of the mainstream uses of neurofeedback that I have been keeping track of as of late... maybe something else to help push the video game market over the top.

Crazy Apple Rumors - Not really something new, or in the news, but I ran across this at work, and it is honestly a riot. Great Apple Humor at it's best.

That's everything for today folks, have a good one.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Daily Buzz

When you're daily intake of caffeine is roughly the same as a small army worth of office workers, you need a buzz like this.

Interesting tech news...
1) One that I find the greatest is this : iPod Nano Knockoffs . I need one desperately... if only they had a proper headphone jack, you might be able to listen to it. I mean, come on people... if you are gonna make a counterfeit product, at least put some pride into it... or skip the Apple Logo on it.

Here's another good one... no screen on this knockoff :
Great fun... all these fun little gadgets coming out of China.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey All

I am going to see just how much I can tweak this little blogspot space... if I get creative enough with the coding, it seems like I might be able to do what I want to... anyone with any suggestions, just let me know.

Joke of the Day:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The decision is now here!

No more web server. At least, not until I upgrade my current computer and build a dedicated server box... I cannot wait for that. I am desperately in need of some need gear to play with.
A new motherboard, some memory, a video card... that would be pretty nice... all in time, all in time.

Have a good one,

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Back again

So, once again I am re-connected to the outside world... it's nice, but I don't feel like putting my server back online for the next little while, I am far too lazy, and I like supporting Google in all of it's forms.
Adsense for me, I've made $1.15... yay!

Will fix computers for food!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello People!

So yeah,
Spending another dreary day here at work, watching time creep by ever so slowly... the walk in was great fun today.... :D... only an hour and fifteen minutes to get here from Cornwall, how's that sound for fun.
My pockets hurt.... lol
With any luck, I will soon be re-connected to the outside world... phone, internet, cable... ... ... it's been a pretty depressing week since my run-in with the government last week... been living without anything really... no phone, internet, food, smokes... etc. etc. How's that sound? You never realize how addicted you are to certain things until you have them all taken away.

Have a good one, I know I will.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

One bad day

Hey people,

Getting screwed over by the government is great fun... I now have no money... no phone, no food, and little or nothing else. If you would like to donate money to me, just let me know... only you can't call me... lol.

Too depressed to talk today,

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Moved in to someplace cheap, not necessarily somewhere where any of us want to be. But, it is a way to save money. On a side note, we should be re-connected to the real world sometime tomorrow. I am not sure if I will bring the site back up... as much as I love it, it is a bit of a hassle keeping a web server running all the time.

Living in the Ghetto,

Friday, February 24, 2006

A poem for my wife

My Love

I will always remember, the first day that we met;
So young, so sweet, so full of joy;
I look at her today, and realize that;
She's the one that I love still.

Her smile, her face, her sweet embrace;
Tears of joy running down her face;
Our beautiful children I owe to her;
A caring wife, a sweet lover, the best mother.

I see her sad and only wish;
That I could be there for her;
Hold her in my arms, until time ends;
Just to see her sweet smile once again.

Hold her tight, never let go;
No one will ever know;
How much she means to me;
Without her, lost I would be.

I just hope, that she is there;
With me, until we are old together;
She keeps me going, give me hope;
More than I could ever wish for.

Forgive me, my love;
For what I've done wrong;
Let's sit together, and only speak;
Of us together.

My love, my dear, my sweet lover;
I pray to always be together;
Grant me this wish, that I wish so dear;
Walking together, year after year.

I love you baby.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This will be a temporary repository for my true site until my move is completed, and I am re-connected to the outside world, and done playing with Ubuntu on my home computer. Great fun for all. I should have the site back up and running by the end of next week, after I get the necessary changes made to the site.
I can still be reached via e-mail ( ) or by the great technology of the cellular telephone ( 314-0882 )

Any questions, let me know.

Have a good one,