Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

Back again, with some of the most interesting news in Tech this week

High Tech Trash
- Here's a little bit of a twisted view on high tech recycling. And all the dangers of your old PC / tech trash in a local landfill. Lots of eye-opening facts here.

Global Warming
- The Earth is heating up at an unprecedented rate. A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences shows that it's time to change our ways.

Toshiba on the Market - The first big jump in home media tech since the VCR and the TIVO. Toshiba is coming out with an HD-DVD Recorder... to be released next month. Can't wait to see the reviews.

BloggerCon - A whole convention about the wonderful world of Blogging. Wish I had been there.

SuperNova / Web 2.0
- The latest on the fast paced evolution of the Internet. The review on SuperNova, a 3 day conference based out of San Francisco.

Modest Mission : Internet Archiving - Brewster Kahle's mission to archive the Internet has now expanded. I guess archiving the whole internet just wasn't enough for him.

DSL : Size on the Rise - The Latest review on Damn Small Linux... not so small as it should be, but still the best in the MicroLinux field.

FreeNode Hijacked
- One of the largest IRC networks was hi-jacked, and who knows how many passwords had been captured. That's a scary thought.

Google Toolbar on the Move
- Supposedly, Google is paying a sweet sum to Adobe to have the Google Toolbar bundled with the latest Adobe Apps.

That's all for today folks.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Great Week in Tech News

The Man Behind the Monster - Going from cheap ass B movies to working for Industrial Light and Magic. How's that for a career jump. The life story of Dennis Muren.

Apple Investigates Chinese Labour Issues - As if everyone couldn't see this coming... it's well known that almost any chinese based company is little more than a slave labour camp, so why should the Foxconn plant in Taiwan be any different?

Microsoft VS Apple iPod
- It just ain't gonna happen folks. As a proud ipod owner, it's the best that there is out there. Microsoft might be a marketing powerhouse, but I don't think they can beat down the iPod.

Another use for Dry Ice - Scientists have discovered that by compressing Dry Ice ( solid carbon dioxide ) they can make a Super Hard Glass coating. Who'd have thunk it?

SkyNet is coming - Police are working on unmanned flying drone testing over Los Angeles. Good idea, but does SkySeer = SkyNet?

Bill Gates is Microsoft no more?
- News to me, it seems as if Bill Gates has a heart. He will be slowly transitioning out of Microsoft to continue work in the Health and Education sector by working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Buzz on Tech this week

More Tech News than you can shake a stick at

An offshoot of SETI@Home
Except this time it's not to search for Extraterrestrial life, it's to help find a cure for cancer. How sweet is that?

Asia beating the US in Theme Parks?
Yet another thing that the Asian Pacific group is defeating the US in. Big surprise there.

Body Mod Sixth Sense I need me some of these. Sensing electromagnetic fields... sounds like it could save me from a shock or two.

Nothing else that interests me in the news this week... how about you?