Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Buzz and other Random Shite.

*Boredom has forced me to keep with my previous style. Now I just have to remember to keep this updated. :D *

Calculating Pi - How to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs?

Abandoning OpenSUSE - Mark Shuttleworth ( creator of Ubuntu ) is pleading developers to drop support of OpenSUSE since the most recent Novell / Microsoft partnership

Wii VS PS3 - The Wii has well outsold the PS3... but can Nintendo keep it up. I would think so, due to the recent battery recalls that Sony is involved in. Also, check out this article on Digg

Good Movies? - 10 Films the US Governement doesn't want you to see. :D

Diary of a Scalper - An interesting bit from Wired... check it out.

Worst Superhero Names - That's right. All in tribute to Marvel : Ultimate Alliance

iPod VS Zune - Sorry Bill... you didn't get the jump on this portion of the Market. The iPod is far too well-rooted to be displaced at this point. :D . That, and the Zune is currently being outsold by Sandisk MP3 players... LOL

Hard Drive History - The reason I don't worry about upgrading... until they make a better, faster, cheaper hard drive... everything's bottlenecked.

Lego and your Imagination - Yeah, I remember back in the 80's... when a kid needed imagination. Who'd have thunk it. In case you're wondering... it's an article on how Lego's are made... and how low a failure rate they have in the manufacturing process.

That's all for today, eh. I'll try to keep it up this time around. :D

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