Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Junk and Such

Junk... and Such!!!! But oh what wonderful junk it is!!!!!!

Neighbors Stealing your Wireless Internet? - You really need to fuck around with them. Steal their Credit Card info using the proxy too, while you're at it.

Just moved? Need some lamps for your new place... check these out. The Abduction Lamp ( yeah, that's right ) and the Spine Lamp ( creepy! )

Are you a drunk? Make sure to check out the Optimum Drunkness chart. Might come in handy.

Do you need to buy a Suspicious Looking Device? Then look no further. Perfect for plane trips and whatnot.

Coffee with a little extra kick? Don't bloody mind if I do. Beware the methosaurus!
But beware, Too Much Coffee is never a good thing. Never.

We all get bored sometimes... but this bored? C'mon now. Even I don't have that amount of boredom. Or steel.

Why doesn't anyone want to play Sega with Harrison Ford?

Repent sinners. Repent!!! - Have yourself a little one to one with a digital god.

In case your paranoia has gotten the best of you, here's a bed made especially for you.
A little safe house... designed for dignitaries of the paranoid kind.

I am not a lobster. Need I say more?

And then, the kicker of the week... Fiendish Curiosities.

Have a good one folks. I know I will. :-D

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Rosalyn said...

You write very well.