Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pseudo-something update?

Yes... wasn't quite sure what to label this as. I've been lazy, made some changes to various sites of mine. Realized that there was no reason to title this site as anything other than what it was. It seems to be totally random junk to me, so voila.

Forgive my delirious nature... Haven't really slept in a week or two.
At least, no more than 4 hours in a span, that is.

Oooooo.... Head Injury Theater , I really think the name says it all. Semi-psychotic art, comics, writings. It's great fun/insanity.

This applied to me until recently, and I was surprised how many of these things that I have done ( no, not telling YOU! ) ... 101 Things to Do When You Have No Internet

Open Source Camera Firmware ... just what it says. Open Source Firmware for your Canon digital camera. Also called Canon Hacker's Development Kit. Allows you to take RAW images, high speed pics, and more fun stuff that isn't possible using your original camera firmware. I'm still waiting for it to support my POS Canon A430. Hopefully soon.

For those few out there who are running a Hackintosh ( or even a Mac, though why you would own one of those is beyond me )... and also enjoy the freedom of Open Source Software... there's a nice little list of common GPL/Open Source Software over at LockerGnome.

An odd little story titled God Mode. Not all too shabby in my opinion.

Elephants on Acid, And Other Bizarre Experiments
. I have actually seen this book, and I wish I could have bought it. The name says it all.

For all the audiophiles and musicians out here that like doing their own thing... here's a list of Cross-platform Audio Apps. Pretty good stuff for the most part.

A list of 101 ways to go insane. Some only apply to university/college students, but all are funny. And some I've tried. Like I'm not there already. Pshaw.

Google Chrome has been released. Haven't tried it yet, but you should. Go for it.

Well... for now folks... y'all can go away. STOP WATCHING ME!!!!

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