Friday, February 24, 2006

A poem for my wife

My Love

I will always remember, the first day that we met;
So young, so sweet, so full of joy;
I look at her today, and realize that;
She's the one that I love still.

Her smile, her face, her sweet embrace;
Tears of joy running down her face;
Our beautiful children I owe to her;
A caring wife, a sweet lover, the best mother.

I see her sad and only wish;
That I could be there for her;
Hold her in my arms, until time ends;
Just to see her sweet smile once again.

Hold her tight, never let go;
No one will ever know;
How much she means to me;
Without her, lost I would be.

I just hope, that she is there;
With me, until we are old together;
She keeps me going, give me hope;
More than I could ever wish for.

Forgive me, my love;
For what I've done wrong;
Let's sit together, and only speak;
Of us together.

My love, my dear, my sweet lover;
I pray to always be together;
Grant me this wish, that I wish so dear;
Walking together, year after year.

I love you baby.

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