Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This will be a temporary repository for my true site until my move is completed, and I am re-connected to the outside world, and done playing with Ubuntu on my home computer. Great fun for all. I should have the site back up and running by the end of next week, after I get the necessary changes made to the site.
I can still be reached via e-mail ( ) or by the great technology of the cellular telephone ( 314-0882 )

Any questions, let me know.

Have a good one,


Fiend said...


#1. I like your blog page design....what template are you using
#2. I am currently laughing damn hard at your quip in your profile


I do tech support for cheap


MTTechServ said...

It's true. I do it for cheap!
Yay! I am so welfare!

Fiend said...

You'll be happy to know as well that you are the only person linked to those 2 statements, when clicking on the link. ARE so welfare!

Fiend said...

"Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance."


MTTechServ said...

So what, welfare is the new gucci... or something.

Fiend said...

"New fashions this spring consist of the flashy "I just went dumpster-diving" flak jacket and the "Extra storage for the foodbank" backpack..."