Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekly Buzz : Once Again

Apple's View on Recycling - There are apparently more than a few people out there that think Apple needs to improve on it's recycling program.

Telephone Tech Support The Joys of it all. This is something that hits pretty close to home for all of us that make a living doing telephone tech support.

Every Hackers Idol
He infiltrated almost every secure network in the greater US... and to find out if Aliens exist. How's that for fun?

160 AA Batteries A glider that takes 160 AA batteries to run off of. I wonder if they are rechargable?

Internet Explorer Woes IE 7 is being rolled out, and Google is crying foul... big surprise there... :D

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
The persuasive powers of caffeine... unveiled at last. :D

Nothing much beyond that for today...

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