Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

I know I am a little late posting this... but hey, it's some good shit, eh.

Microsoft VS South Korea - Once again, another update on how Microsoft ( featuring the tyrannical Bill Gates at it's head ) is fighting yet another anti-trust lawsuit

Upward and Onward - More dead formats out there in the world of technology than you can shake a stick at. Oh, the memories.

Dual Card Graphics - This one if for all you die hard gamers out there... the advantages of a dual video card system... something that us poor technobos can't seem to afford

Pay as You Go Computers?
- Yet another great new idea to sell advanced technology to third world countries... Pay as You Go computers... what a wonderful idea!

Microsoft no threat to Webroot - Webroot success in the anti-spyware field probably has them sweating a little with the new Microsoft Antispyware out and about. Change is afoot for Webroot, that's for sure

More X64 Nightmares? - While it might be wonderful hardware to play around with... the software just isn't there to back it up. Don't really see the point of this yet, but the software will catch up in time.

University Network Security - This one hits a major sore spot of mine, having previously worked for a major canadian university. The security has little to do with the hardware, it more often has to do with poorly constructed web sites / scripts that open up massive backdoors.

That's all for today folks... have a good one.

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