Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

Back again, with some of the most interesting news in Tech this week

High Tech Trash
- Here's a little bit of a twisted view on high tech recycling. And all the dangers of your old PC / tech trash in a local landfill. Lots of eye-opening facts here.

Global Warming
- The Earth is heating up at an unprecedented rate. A new study published by the National Academy of Sciences shows that it's time to change our ways.

Toshiba on the Market - The first big jump in home media tech since the VCR and the TIVO. Toshiba is coming out with an HD-DVD Recorder... to be released next month. Can't wait to see the reviews.

BloggerCon - A whole convention about the wonderful world of Blogging. Wish I had been there.

SuperNova / Web 2.0
- The latest on the fast paced evolution of the Internet. The review on SuperNova, a 3 day conference based out of San Francisco.

Modest Mission : Internet Archiving - Brewster Kahle's mission to archive the Internet has now expanded. I guess archiving the whole internet just wasn't enough for him.

DSL : Size on the Rise - The Latest review on Damn Small Linux... not so small as it should be, but still the best in the MicroLinux field.

FreeNode Hijacked
- One of the largest IRC networks was hi-jacked, and who knows how many passwords had been captured. That's a scary thought.

Google Toolbar on the Move
- Supposedly, Google is paying a sweet sum to Adobe to have the Google Toolbar bundled with the latest Adobe Apps.

That's all for today folks.

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