Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Weekly Buzz ( late again! )

Sorry about the delay's in getting this shite online people... my life has been consumed by the awesomeness that is NETHACK. Then they told me I shouldn't be playing it at work. So I toyed with the idea of bringing in my 386 laptop so that I could... but then people would realize just how crazy I am.
Anyways, enough of my rant... here's some fun stuff in Tech news this week.

Starting off... Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote was yesterday... check out the new Toys from Apple. His speech seems to have gotten some poor reviews though. More information on the Keynote here

Giant Robot Fighting! - Time to go open source, people. An automated parking garage trapped several hundred cars inside for several days. All over a licensing issue.

Flash turns 10 - Flash has now celebrated it's tenth anniversary

The Internet's Red Light District - This is so great... except for having to pay for it. How crazy is that?

AOL on Trial - Releasing it's user search logs? Tsk, tsk. I can remember when AOL was only good for supplying beer coasters

Mars Rover VS. Winter
- The Winter Solstice VS the Mars Rover. And it seems to be faring well

Leopard VS Vista - Hopefully in a fight to the death!

That's all for today folks. No more Nethack for me. Guess I should get back to work though. :D

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