Friday, December 22, 2006

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Harry Potter 7? - Does it ever end? Like, really...

Wii Woes - Wii's delightfully defective hand straps on the controllers have landed them in a heap of trouble.

iPod-Killer down the Drain - Zune / Windows Vista compatibility issues will cause a major hiccup in holiday sales. Not a good start, I think.

Transformer's Movie Trailer - Children of the 80's, unite. Long anticipated movie trailer has arrived. Can't wait to see the real thing though. Sweetness. :D

Reading a Binary Clock - A wonderful How to... on how to read a binary clock. Every geek needs one.

Whoa, that isn't a carry-on - Woman mistakenly puts her baby through an Airport X-ray machine. Not a good idea.

Nothing else too major for today folks.
Have a good one. Happy Holidays.

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