Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Weekly Buzz

Yet another installment of the better tech news on the Web.

Boot Camp Walkthrough One good piece of news on the Boot Camp Beta... how to install XP on your Mac.

MySpace Perp Problem or is it a perv problem? Another in a series of news items about MySpace. You might want to check this out too - MySpaceWatch

Oracle VS Novell Oracle is out to compete with Novell in the Linux market. With how Suse is embedded into the workstation market, I don't see much chance of that.

Windows AntiSpyWare Beta 2 The newest revision to Microsoft's AntiSpyware Beta. One of the few Microsoft products that does seem to work.

Child Internet Safety Being a parent myself, this is something I am a firm believer in, and something I always keep an eye on with my own kids.

You VS Your Pet Hamster? The next level of VR gaming... where your pet gets to match wits with you.

Communist Mario A Flash game based around the concept that Mario is actually a communist... that's right, that fun loving little plumber is a piece of communist propaganda.

That's all for today folks...
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