Wednesday, April 05, 2006

XP On a Mac - Approved by Apple

Apple Computer has released the BootCamp Public Beta, a nice little piece of software that will allow you to run Windows XP natively on a Mac... all of this after the greatest contest in the world has wrapped up.... XP on a Mac. I think the grand prize was somewhere around $14000... and after all this, Apple makes their own boot loader.

Also, something else of great interest to me... The OSX86Project - my main objective... not to be tied down to Apple's proprietary hardware. As much as I like it... I am a cheapskate. Cheap hardware + mac os x... sounds like a plan. Unix will always be my friend.


Pat said...

I wonder if Apple will get $14,000. I was in the same boat as you my man, hoping for the reverse - until the New Zealand economy took a nose dive. For serious, check out a graph of the Kiwi dollar to Canadian $ sometime. It's scary. I ended up picking up one of these for dirt cheap Canadian, so I'm now a Mac user again, after - what is it - like eleven years or something? Too crazy.

MTTechServ said...

That kicks some major ass man.
I was hoping to pick up a $50 iBook G3 when the school district in the US was selling their old stock.
Right now... I work on a mac all day... and I have a deal on a P3 800 IBM thinkpad for $300... has a DVD rom... 256mb ram, and 20 GB hard drive. Great for a mobile ubuntu machine... :D
Open source for me.