Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More of : The (Semi)Daily Buzz

Yet another installment of News that matters to no one... Starting off:

Bladder Control The first person in the world how now received an engineered bladder... grown from their own cell tissues.

Remote Sports Fewer and fewer sports fans are actually going out to see their favorite sports. How will the industry cope?

Women in Technology My god... the nerds might get relief from this sausage fest that is working in Tech Support

$100 Laptops
How we all need one of these... an update on the One Laptop per Child project.

Mind Reading The boys at MIT have rolled out another ingenius device. Electronic Mind Reading, how's that for sweet?

Jesus walking on water Or was it just Ice?

Ethical Hackers? and people would pay money to learn this stuff? Man, life is certainly strange these days.

Unisys Burning out at LinuxWorld There was Fire, there was Smoke, there was Unisys burning up in anticipation.

Rootkits / Trojans... can we recover? The newest rootkits and trojans are so extensively engineered that sometimes it isn't possible to recover. Here's what MicroSoft had to say about it.

That's all for today folks. Check back in a few. I am thinking I will make this a twice weekly kind of thing.

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