Monday, March 27, 2006

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Here we go people, more in the world of Technology

Bad Bad Stick People - Third in the Hapland series... need I say more?

Sandisk and U3 - The newest Cruzer's in Sandisk's line are shipping without U3 support, something previously promised by Sandisk.

The Palm, Ten Years Later - A retro/tech flashback... when Palm suddenly jumped into existence.

LucasArts + ILM - Every nerd's dream... oh yeah... better graphics, better CGI for all!

Technology Imitates Life - Scientists have achieved a Simulation of a Life Form.

That's everything of interest so far today... another quiet monday.
Who needs an ipod... buy an Nano knockoff!

Have a good one people,


Fiend said...

I want to hack an anal thermometer to create a shuffle knock-off...

I'll call it "The Wiggle"


MTTechServ said...

I would describe my job as being a tech support ANALyst, if only for the fact that it has the word Anal in it!

Fiend said...

I guess that "RECT-AL" hope of adding another pun in here, didn't it?

Guru said...


MTTechServ said...

No way in hell... that is pure comedy... oh yeah.

Fiend said...

OR I could reproduce the shuffle environment using a q-tip....

I'd call it the swabber!!

"Ear now Ear now!! need for all the punnage in 'ear!!"

MTTechServ said...

There's just too much punnage in 'ear.

iPod + Hearing Damage = your own dumbass fault.