Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello People!

So yeah,
Spending another dreary day here at work, watching time creep by ever so slowly... the walk in was great fun today.... :D... only an hour and fifteen minutes to get here from Cornwall, how's that sound for fun.
My pockets hurt.... lol
With any luck, I will soon be re-connected to the outside world... phone, internet, cable... ... ... it's been a pretty depressing week since my run-in with the government last week... been living without anything really... no phone, internet, food, smokes... etc. etc. How's that sound? You never realize how addicted you are to certain things until you have them all taken away.

Have a good one, I know I will.


Fiend said...

Its called "Taking things for granted".... like the ability to EAT! LOL

MTTechServ said...

I have smokes now... but still no food. Spaghetti for me... yay!

Guru said...

What the hell happened? Did you say nasty things to a Government Mandarin, and then get on their "Ream him 'till he screams" list? :o

Go to your nearest foodbank, they'll help.

(Been there - Glad I'm not still there)

Fiend said...

Don't get hi started about the Food Bank LOL!!

I swear....his rants are Just For Laughs worthy!!!

Fiend said...

*him :P

MTTechServ said...

Sometimes when I talk to the government... I feel like I should bring a big tube of vaseline with me to prepare for the reaming.

Only another 2 weeks until I can go to the food bank again...yay!