Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Some more news items of interest in the world of technology

Newest Intel Chips
- Intel now seems to be increasing processor performance by leaps and bounds... can't wait to see the benchmarks on this new set... but if I do, then I might want one.

Sony DRM - Digital Holes - Sony is now having even more issues in the wake of the rootkit scandal. This time, is seems it will cause a delay in the shipping of the PS3. Not good for gamers anywhere.

More ATI Advancements - My most beloved of video card companies has released yet another innovation. A brand new water cooled video card... now that's ingenious.

Video Game Therapy
- One of the mainstream uses of neurofeedback that I have been keeping track of as of late... maybe something else to help push the video game market over the top.

Crazy Apple Rumors - Not really something new, or in the news, but I ran across this at work, and it is honestly a riot. Great Apple Humor at it's best.

That's everything for today folks, have a good one.


Fiend said...

"Q: DVD media… that dares not speak its name."


MTTechServ said...

That dares not speak it's name.
That is such a riot.