Thursday, March 23, 2006

Once More : The Daily Buzz

So, what's happening today in the world of Technology... Let's check it out

France VS Apple The French are on the offensive against Apple, and it's iPod media player. Might actually cause the close of the iTunes Music Store in France.

Windows Vista Delayed Windows Vista's new release date is set for January '07, right after the holiday sales season... not good for any of the computer manufacturers.

Nintendo's Comeback?
With the pending release of the Playstation 3, and the already released Xbox 360, can Nintendo compete?

The Fastest Windows XP Laptop
Benchmarks have revealed that the MacBook Pro is currently performing better than any Dual Core Laptop on the Market.

Samba Updated It's taken long enough, but now there is finally an update to Samba. Not quite stable yet, but it's getting there.

What Manufacturers keep to themselves
There are lots of things in the businees world that manufacturers want to keep secret. Here are the top 20, including some good information on extended warranties.

Red Green was right
Most people thought he was crazy, but Duct Tape has been one of the most widely used "tools" of just about anyone, from Handyman to Model.

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Fiend said...

Hi I like things

Hi I like things

I can do shit with my legs

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MTTechServ said...

You just had to be there to understand the conversation.

Fiend said...

"I can do shit with my legs" is REALLY starting to become one of my more easily used phrases now...