Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hey All

I am going to see just how much I can tweak this little blogspot space... if I get creative enough with the coding, it seems like I might be able to do what I want to... anyone with any suggestions, just let me know.

Joke of the Day:


Fiend said...

naked women

Guru said...

Fiend... {shakes head} Matt is a Tech... And Married. The only Naked women he has seen lately end with ".JPG". :P

Matt: You could try doing and posting Tutorials of common tasks... Use Wink to capture them as .SWF. See my web site ( http://thecomputerguru4u.securityinfo.ca/tutorials.htm )for some examples. I get lots of good email from newbies on them.

Fiend said...

Explain using Wink to capture things as swf...sounds interesting.

*The attachement "nakedwomen.jpg" has been automatically deleted - Backdoor Beastie virus detected*

MTTechServ said...

I was skimming through there one night Guru... I will try playing around with that.
Also, on a side note, your e-mail form wasn't working ( for me at least )

I was going to ask you how often people took advantage of your "Cheapskate special" for a Linux install.

I see one women naked all the time... :D

Guru said...

Good, I find wink pretty good. I like the fact that it can make an Flash EXE great for some people.

Yes, I know the Forms arent working. I broke it some how (Grrr- FrontPage Extentions.. I havent gotten around to reinstalling them on the site.

4 so far in a year. Most people are too tied to either OS 9/X or Windows to try experimenting... And it's LAZY User's special, NOT Cheapskate special :P

Not a bad deal - 5 bucks more for the CD's... and since it's Linux, I can simply image a hard drive with the current install packages already on it, but not setup, and copy them over to the new drive, and install from there... Saves about half an hour. :)

I hear you. I'm in love with my wife, too... But, I still have a kick ass Pr0n collection, ask Fiend. :P

Fiend said...

Guru has a kick ass pr0n collection.... :)